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Madison County, New York

Madison County, New York

Madison County is a county in New York State. , Madison is home to approximately 70,350 residents. The county makes up six-hundred and sixty-one square miles. It encompasses fifteen towns and one city named Oneida. Madison County was formed in 1806 and named after James Madison, a Founding Father and the fourth President of the United States. It is considered part of the Central New York region. The southern parts of the county are very rural. The northern parts of the county, near Syracuse, are more developed.

Traffic Tickets in Madison County

A majority of traffic violations in Madison County come from the New York State Thruway (Interstate-90). The I-90 runs east - west across the entire New York State. It connects the Capital District with Buffalo and everything in between.

The segment of I-90 that traverses Madison County falls under three jurisdictions, the Town of Sullivan, Town of Lenox, and City of Oneida. Their courts are the busiest in Madison County, and they primarily adjudicate traffic tickets issued on the interstate. The most common charge issued on I-90 is speeding. The speed limit on I-90 is 65 miles per hour unless otherwise stated. Despite this high-speed limit, many motorists find themselves on the receiving end of a speeding ticket. The interstate is exclusively patrolled by the New York State Police. The court responsible for adjudicating the ticket depends on where it was issued.

The middle and south part of Madison County is served by other large highways like New York State Route 5, New York State Route 12, New York State Route 13, New York State Route 26, New York State Route 46, New York State Route 80, and New York State Route 128. These highways and other local town roads are monitored by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, New York State Police, and if present, a local law enforcement agency.

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Benjamin Goldman Law Office

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